Washing Machine & Dryer Maintenance

Maintenance is an important step in keeping your appliances running smoothly and efficiently. Schedule a routine cleaning to prevent an unexpected breakdown and improve energy efficiency!

Washer & dryer maintenance is the number one preventative step you can take to avoid repair problems. Our washing machine cleaning and dryer housing cleaning services can save you from expensive repairs and help improve the performance of your appliances. 

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Dryer Maintenance

Performing routine maintenance on your dryer can help prevent fires, expensive repairs, long drying times, and more. Neglecting dryer maintenance can cause the vent to get clogged with lint which may result in long dry times and dryer fires.

It’s estimated that dryers cause 13,820 home fires every year. The large majority of dryer fires could have been prevented by routine maintenance.

Cleaning Inside Dryer Housing

Lint can fit almost anywhere in a dryer, and it’s not uncommon for it to slip into the dryer housing. A clogged lint screen or clogged dryer vent can cause lint to settle in hard-to-reach places. 

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Washing Machine Maintenance

Over time mildew and residue can build up inside the washer components. Maintaining your washing machine will help you avoid malfunctions, expensive repairs, leaks, water damage, and more. 

During Your Service:

Our technicians will move the washing machine and disassemble the inner and outer drums. We clean the tub and drum using a pressure washer, among other cleaning solutions and tools. We’ll replace the door seal and inner gaskets to permanently remove any mold or mildew. To remove odors and other unsanitary conditions, our technicians clean the dispenser assembly and hoses. 

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