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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Miami

Expert Service for your Sub-Zero Refrigerators

At AG Appliance Service, we are your go-to team for certified Sub-Zero appliance repair in Miami. Our technicians are Sub-Zero product experts and certified for Sub-Zero warranty service for the 5 & 12-year warranty. Whether it’s your refrigerator, freezer, wine storage, ice machine, or any other Sub-Zero appliance, we have the expertise to get it running smoothly again. 

Because we specialize in Sub Zero refrigerator repair, we offer unmatched proficiency and commitment to your Miami appliance repair. When your Sub-Zero refrigerator needs attention, we stand ready to deliver fast, reliable, and efficient Sub Zero repair.

Sub-Zero appliance repair

Warranty Authorized
Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Miami

We’re authorized for Sub-Zero’s 5-year manufacturer warranty. This means that if your Sub-Zero appliance is within the 5-year or 12-year warranty period, we’re equipped and ready to resolve your ‘refrigerator not cooling’ issues in a hassle-free manner, often within the framework of your manufacturer’s warranty. A common Sub-Zero fridge repair issue we see is compressor failure, a crucial component within the sealed system of your fridge. The compressor is one of the most costly refrigerator parts to replace. Thankfully, our expert team is proficient in handling sealed system repairs, meaning we can diagnose, source, and replace these components often under your existing Sub-Zero residential limited warranty. When you hire AG Appliance Service for your Sub-Zero refrigerator you can rest assured that it will be repaired to its original high standards, often with significant savings, as we make sure that any repair parts are covered under the appropriate warranty wherever possible. We are the trusted Sub-Zero refrigerator repair Miami company ready to get your appliance back to peak performance.

sub zero refrigerator repair

Common Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair problems

Sub-Zero appliances are celebrated for their exceptional quality and reliability, but like any treasured household item, they may occasionally experience hiccups.